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ALL in ALL Part-1

ALL in ALL Part-1

Deciding to take the action to write and to write meaningfully was a decision that had to go beyond decision. It had to match the feelings which had engulfed my body, my Mind. It had to be matched by actions.

So, the evening before I had prepared myself. I set the alarm for 5am that should shake me out (softly!) of my slumber.

All was quiet in the streets. There was no sign of human life. A soft breeze was slightly brushing the leaves of the surrounding trees. The moon was there along with its morning companion stars...There was not a cloud in the sky, promising a hot day ahead.

Mindfulness is the word of the day. This is what all of us should be in the morning as we come out from our sleep. To feel the Now, to feel the All not only surrounding us but also being "us" is what every member of our humanity has to work hard to be mindful of.

To feel the Oneness with the mindfulness of us is not only connecting us with one another but, also, and mainly to feel the "continuity" with the "I" from one being to another.

By being, I feel all, and one that we see, feel by all our sensory organs. The umbilical cord had been physically cut off at our birth. However, I still can feel the "parenthood" connection I had with the All before coming out of my mother's womb.

It goes even beyond that feeling as the presence in my guts of Nature is around me, within me, without me, and never leaves me.

Words are poor in describing that sentiment of being, of belonging to, or being part of all at the same time, of being an essential wheel of this wonderful thing I call "The All".

However, we should never stop to bring everyone of us to be in the Knowledge of the All throughout our whole life. That feeling that has taken possession of this Mind, this Body, these organs, these molecules of this army of all living organisms, these assemblage of swarming cells keeps this connected Me to this Nature I see, I feel, being That ALL.

What a wonderful state to be One with the ONE ALL. To be the ALL,WITHIN ALL.P.S. upon the request of well-wishers I am elaborating on all the

Swami Pranavananda Brahmendra Avadhuta

Therkupattu, Tamil Nadu, India, March 14th, 2017, 6.11 am.

ALL in ALL - Part 2

ALL in ALL - Part 2