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ALL in ALL - Part 2

ALL in ALL - Part 2

Would the majority readers understand what I am talking about? Isn't my prose a bit confusing? When I read it and read again and again, I felt that I might have concentrated my thoughts too much to the point where it could lead the reader to wonder where I am driving him or her to understand.

I was, at the same time, reminded of the popular French saying that "what is well understood is expressed clearly". So, I gave my little article to read to a trusted friend, waited patiently, for him to finish reading and truthfully speak his mind, as he is known for!

"It is a great article....However....maybe should you have developed a bit more some of the topics you are talking about. Those you are developing are in a form which is a bit succinct and could be confusing,...hard to follow, maybe you should develop a bit further about "Mindfulness" or "the Now" or "the Oneness", or "the All"

So? This is what I am attempting to do here below.


I remember 30 years ago when my departed Hatha Yoga Guruji, Swami Vedananda wanted me to "realize the SELF", my body, my surroundings with its connections with the All", he was telling me: "lie down on your back in sarvasana and with closed eyes, starting from the toes, feel them, feel your ankles, your knees, your thighs, your hips....step by step, inches by inches up your body and down the other side, going through each chakras and bringing your Mind to the Sahasrara Chakra and down to your ankle..." Regularly practicing this asana and shamelessly localizing every part of my body with my mind brought them to a state of union in space.

As I was practicing for many months, peace was firmly taking possession of not only my physical me as floating in space but, also, I progressively achieved a state of union in space between my mind, my body and my environment. Practicing on ma terrace, facing the dark sky and its myriads of stars, I was conscious of the surrounding Nature and the sounds of the wakening city in the distance, the surrounding smells, the temperature of the breeze, this body of mine, and its mind. Then, came the moment when I could come to the immense feeling of symbiosis of my self with the environment without borders, without beginning nor end, without time, without sound and without the singular me. My me was filling up every inche of surrounding Space.


How long this state lasted? I have no idea at all! It was only when I heard a loud horn from the "wromming" passing car in the below street, then of clinking vessels, a mother calling her children, a TV blaring its morning load of news. Humanity was back to life and preparing to its never ending madness to rush to possess. People feel they don't have enough time to do, to feel, to acquire, to earn...

Actually, there is neither plenty of time nor not enough time as, what I have personally experienced is that time is a succession of NOW(s)...To me, I am aware that neither am I in the space of time nor is there a time before or after. Time is a succession of Nows. We always say : I want to have the time to do this...or that. We often use the singular form. We also say : there are times when I would like to...we talk of the plurality of the singularity of time! The French King, Louis XIV said to his Minister : "before the time it is not the time. After the time there is not the time. The time is the time. We almost waited!" Not only was our King right but he also talked about the singularity of Time!

As a matter of thinking, I am of the strong opinion that our Life, our existence and all that we see or cannot see live only that moment made of a series of NOWs. There is no Past, there is no Future. there is only Now.


As it is said, Hinduism is not a Religion. It is a way of Life. This way of Life has evolved during the days of the Seers of yonder.

Of course diversion of thoughts between them arose. Some came with the opinion that the Ultimate and his cohort of Goddesses and minor Gods are sitting in their Abode and watch their people below.

Mindfulness brought me to understand and feel through every atom, every space in my body that

I AM THAT, I AM THAT at any time, any place whether it be up or down, in this abode or another.

I see the ALL in ALL, at any Now, every where. There is no moment, no place where we are not. We are that particle forming everything that was, will be and is. As, the NOW is in ALL at the same time regardless of race, gender, or language, culture, etc.

Hence, I brought this assertion to the point that there is nothing where THE ALL is not, there is no time when it is not, there is no one whom we are not.

Hence, we are That.

Whether I am the President of the most powerful country in the World, or the worst miserable starving beggar,

I am always the All.

There is no one better or worse than me.

There is no one higher or lower than me.

There is no one richer or poorer than me.

There is no one more handsome or less handsome than me.

There is no one more intelligent or less than me......

......I AM THAT
















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