A Frenchman by birth and an Indian by heart, Pranavananda Brahmendra Avadutta Swamigal is in India since 1971.

Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in travel, style, and food. Hope you have a nice stay!

    Wanting to Talk to You and Tell you Who We Are....

Wanting to Talk to You and Tell you Who We Are....

Let's say, are a young man between 18 to 30/35 years old. You are a fashion enthusiast who will go all out in your clothing till you are noticed with your shocking sense of elegance.  

Or, You might be a guy who does not want to be spotted, liking anonymity, blending with the crowd and yet being at the tip of Elegance and confort. 

Or, you are the man who dresses up because, after all,  one needs to cover one's body; just enough to fit the rules of decency and protects you from prying eyes and from the vagaries of Weather. 

Also, you might want clothing that is your second skin. You want to feel you are spot on with the Fashion Trend, confident in yourself but, yet, with a tinge of daringness. 

Or, you might be that sort who is happy with little touches of Elegance, not too weird yet well balanced with your personality.

our Brand, CHRISTIAN FABRE is all the above and much more.


You might think..."another Brand" !!!! You could be pleasantly surprised looking here at all the styles we are proposing you. You might also wonder: "what it is they are trying to drive me to" !!!

We would like to open a new door for you. A new door that will allow you to see a new way to dress, a NEW WAY TO LIVE LIFE, to feel free and confortable while, at the same time, improving your health and maybe, help your family to enjoy that benefit too. And all that without making a hole in your wallet!

Not only our products are nowhere to be seen EXCEPT online at our website but, also, they have been conceptualised by our own team of Designers, crafted while having YOU in mind and, of course those products are

                                                           A F F O R D A B L E

Let me ask you few questions:

- When you buy a garment, have you thought about your own health and of the people who made those products ? Probably not! You like the garment you just saw. You like it. You want to buy it and that's it.  

We do not think that it would  come to your mind  what you are wearing could be potentially dangerous for your own Health. Do you? You cannot know unless you do a series of extensive and expensive tests or, worse, some health issues are started just as you were wearing a cheap t/shirt.

However, no panic! we decided to give you the same advantages for our foreign customers abroad where all our Collections are being sold too. 

Though in the European Union it is compulsory to sell garment "Safe for the Health of the wearer", it is not so in India.  
          - All garments sold here are made of 100% Cotton yarn.
          - They are being washed to avoid shrinkage and we soften them. Yes, that is what makes them sooo smooth and comfy to wear!
          - the dyes which have been used to give this great look to our Collections are NOT CANCEROGENIC. This means it will not give you cancer such as some cheap and unsafe chemicals used by some unscrupulous makers ! 
        - ALSO, those dyes will not be ALLERGENIC. It means they will not trigger an Allergy to your body

        - Children are NOT employed in our factories.
        - Factories where we manufacture our products, are approved by International Organisations and wages paid to its employes are certified following the Indian Government directives. However, we are not satisfied by only making sure that  factories certificates nicely framed and hanging in their Offices wall. We ensure that they are genuine and regularly certified and IMPLEMENTED. 

Thank you for the patience to read all those above essential information.

If you want to live in a better World for you, your family and friends, they are a MUST.

                                                     Live SAFELY and RESPONSIBLY.