A Frenchman by birth and an Indian by heart, Pranavananda Brahmendra Avadutta Swamigal is in India since 1971.

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It is early must be about 5 am plus...Time for my Yoga Session!..A quick bath wakes me up and gives me the spark that is needed to start my day. 

However, I need to reconnect with this World I live in. More so, I need to reconnect to the Ultimate Energy I am made of. For this, Yoga is the Best.

Yoga is not a mere oriental gymnastic as most believe it is. It has been imported from India and spread all over the World as a different kind of gymnastic involving body contortions but, it is MUCH MORE than that.

The word YOGA comes from YUJ in SANSKRIT, a very ancient language of India. 

It has many meanings. The primary one is "to add", "to attach" or "to join" or "to unite". 
- You find it also in the English word "Yoke", a piece of wood used to harness a bull to its cart. It unites the bull to the cart. it has indeed many meaning such as "combined" in medical terms for attaching a wooden splint to a broken leg. 
- We find it also in compound words such as Yoga Sutras as explained in Wikipedia meaning "Union with the Supreme due...", etc...

Yes, Sanskrit, this beautiful ancient language has given us many texts describing many forms of Yoga dating back to the Vedic Period (1500 to 500 BC!!!). 

Of course, many argue on those texts, their origines, their meanings. However, my humble understanding and personal experience is that it surely UNITES our self to the Higher SELF, the ULTIMATE and forms ONE!

Having been learning-practicing Hatha Yoga for many years, it has become part of my Life. Also, it can be said it is what brought me to the Life of Sannyas, hence becoming Swami Pranavananda!

One cannot dissociate Yoga from Life.

It pushes you far away from your personal limitations that have kept you locked in your cocoon. 

Though it also opens you to all, it more importantly makes you understand, feel, adopt the Certainty of being the ALL that came into you, to be the strong foundations of your Life. 

It pushes away the boundaries you had imposed around yourself and MERGE with the ALL.   

All that because of some movements that brings you to a sitting posture we call ASANAS associated with "breathing methods" called PRANAYAMA". Asanas and Pranayama are parts and parcel of HATHA YOGA. "HA" meaning Sun and "TA" meaning Moon which are in YOU, or in Sanskrit : Pingala and Ida.

HATHA, is bringing Balance between me and my surroundings. For this purpose, one has to prepare one's body and mind by  physically and  mentally MERGING with the ALL.

This brings you to KRIYA YOGA which will cleanse your body and mind and prepares them for the journey that will take you to the Supreme Energy, the ALL.

To this I would like to add that it certainly is a very powerful way of living which does not use anything but your Mind and Body, not someone else's. It needs ONLY YOU to become the ALL.

As my Yoga Guru Swami Vedananda one day told me: 

"There are 84 Yoga Asanas. In the course of you practices, you will realise that there are few of them with which you feel most confortable. Finally, you will discover that the Best one is PADMASANA

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