A Frenchman by birth and an Indian by heart, Pranavananda Brahmendra Avadutta Swamigal is in India since 1971.

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To whomever you are and wherever you are on this Planet Hello There!... 


I imagine you either watching or reading or listening to my article.


Maybe, you are sitting in a suburban train, 

or in a bus going back to your home after work 

or going to your home town, 

or anywhere 

or on your Office desktop!!! 


I wanted to tell you that, actually, for me, those monologues video talks are not monologues. 


Let us rather call those monologues CONVERSATIONS with each one of you.. You will be able soon to read those conversations either on Facebook (Swami Pranavananda) or on my Blogs on my Website, or on Wordpress Blogs. 


Also, you can,see me talking to you on YouTube where every “conversation” will be uploaded. 


They are conversations with YOU. It is a one to one but, also a one to many Conversation. I will try to pass on to you my little knowledge of the ULTIMATE and how to merge with it. 


It is a conversation with my Self, with a small “s” and with your Self too...


To have a conversation we have to be two, You and Me. By the way, You can, if you wish leave your comments or some questions on YouTube or on my Facebook Page. You can also send me your email at the following address:


Today, I have decided to talk to you about “being passionate in Life and in everything we do”.


From my Mother, born in France, I have inherited her Spanish genes, since her parents were Spanish. However, due to the Laws of France, she was French because born in France too. 


She was indeed a loving mother for all of us...


She had the particularity of being stubborn in everything she was doing. Her stubbornness was a loving one as she rarely got angry and yet she was able to get what she wanted from us, his children. That trait of her character beside her kindness, her hardworking, etc, she was also very passionate in Life, in EVERYTHING she was doing. So much so that it was impossible to make her change her mind once she decided that she want to do was right!. 


I am indeed her son and have inherited much of her Stubbornness and Passion.!!!


However, one can acquire that passion. It is a question of loving what you are doing.  You have to have the certainty that what you are doing is reasonably correct and right in all aspects...Your feelings and knowledge have to be right also. If you are not sure about your arguments, then, you should not go ahead in whatever you wanted to do. When all these feelings in your Inner Heart and Mind are telling you « go head! It will be tough but you will succeed » then you should be PASSIONATE and give all your heart to whatever you wish to accomplish.


PASSION has to be unfettered, unhindred as otherwise if sudden difficulties arise, you will be tempted to drop what you love to do. You can postpone if need might get anger taking over your Mind. Instead, you should sit quietly, think and see that these difficulties are only temporary and, continue what you were doing and do it PASSIONATELY. 


What I am about to tell you will surely surprise you. I want you to know who I am.


I am a Frenchman who arrived in India in 1971 along with wife and child. I came here to work as in-charge of their Liaison Office in India dealing in semi-tanned leather...


in 1974, my wife and I divorced and she went back to our country along with my son. Meanwhile I stayed in Chennai (then Madras).


At the same time, the government of India decided to ban the export of semi-finished leather to enable the India economy to grow by favoring the export of finished products. Such as leather garments, belts, etc... 


So, in a very short time I lost everything: wife, son, job...All these years were very tough for me (local language, local Food, Local Culture, Difficult climate). However, my stubborness made me decide to remain in Chennai and start a business...


I struggled a lot as I did not have money. However, I was PASSIONATE  in what I was doing and, also, I was stubborn in my intentions of success. Many a times I fell and many a times I stood up and fought. I knew that in 1974, India was a new democracy where there was plenty of opportunities for the ones who dared bet on India.


In 1980s, though I was working in my new venture, I started to learn Ashtanga Yoga from my Yoga Guruji who, in turn, introduced me to his Mahant(Guruji) . Swami SARVESHWARA Saraswathi Brahmendra Avadhuta, my Main Guruji who after 5 years gave me Sannyas Dhiksha in Advaitam Vedanta. If I was not Passionate and stubborn in my Resolve my Guruji in 1988 would not have given me Sannyas Dhiksha and my new name as Swami Pranavananda Saraswathy Brahmendra Avadhuta.


This Passion together with my Stubbornness permitted me to go through all the difficulties from my Spiritual Life and my Business Life. In Hinduism a sannyasin is not supposed to work...Actually, he should only spend all his time in Meditation, Spiritual Practices as well as preaching.


However, my Guruji instructed me that I should not live out of donations only. The Sannyasin should go about the villages and towns to beg for his food, calling for bhikshu (alms). 


That was the tradition a century and more ago...Today, this practice is not possible and especially for a foreigner such as me.My Guruji told me I should not spend all my life sitting in a cave meditating and asking my visitors’money for which they worked hard to get. Instead, I should use my knowledge and build a company and create jobs for many....


In 1988, I received my Sannyas Dhiksha from Swami Sarveshwara Saraswathy Brahmendra Avadhuta who at the same time gave me my new name as: Swami Pranavananda Saraswathy Brahmendra Avadhuta.


During the same year, I created my first company and named it Fashions International. In 2005 for Banking, I changed our Company name to Christian Fabre Textiles Pvt Ltd in 2005 so that we could avail loans.


Our Company is a Service Company like a BPO involved in the Textiles Industry. To this day we still are (11 May 2018) employing 31 persons. Our business has always been well known for its ethics and the employees retribution system by which they are getting their Salaries plus a percentage of company Profits. The percentage has been based on the Profit realised and the position of each amployee in our Company and how long they have been working with us.


You might think: he must be well off....My answer is: Far from that. However, I make sure our company survive despite the ups and downs of business and by this ensuring also I can enjoy the fruits of my hardships.


Two years ago, as I reached the age of 75, I decided to pass on the baton to my Oldest Employee, Mr Benhur who joined me 27 years ago. He is now our CEO. I could if I wanted stay at home...I could not do that as I would be wondering what meanwhile is happening in our Office.


So, every morning I go to our Office, I get all incoming and outgoing emails copies...and Life continues with Passion...and with the KNOWLEDGE of who I am...